Book Playlists

There are three ways I get inspired to write: listening to music, watching TV shows, and reading books. Each song on these playlists coincides with different scenes or character traits in the novels below. I listened to them nonstop during the writing process, and sometimes I just closed my eyes, let the novel play in my mind and turn the music into a soundtrack.
I hope you enjoy them, and I'm curious ... can you match the songs to their scene?

Haven't read the books? No worries.

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Memory Walker's Spotify Playlist

This playlist really brought Thea and Cole's new found relationship to life. Since their love had a deeper meaning, I needed to draw out emotions and music has always helped me dig into my feelings.


Memory Seeker's Spotify Playlist

Writing a sequel to a bestselling novel causes some serious stress, which can also lead to the dreaded writer's block. Luckily I had this playlist to get my mojo working and blossom the second installment in the Inflexaen Trilogy.


Tarnished Light & Darkness Shines's Spotify Playlist

Darkness-Shines-Apple copy.jpg

Writing a slow burn, epic romance like Killian and Coy have was not easy. I listened to this playlist everywhere I went and jotted down ideas on how to urge two very stubborn characters to fall in love. Originally these novels were one book, which is why they have a joint playlist.